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For years now, I’ve been looking at random items in my home. A bookmark here. A figurine there. A silver box on the shelf…and so many more. These are items that I’m attached to, that I can’t seem to part with.

The most frustrating part: I don’t use them. In some cases, I don’t even like them. But yet, they maintain a place in my home. Unused, and only moderately loved.

Because it isn’t the item that is loved, so much as the item’s story. The memory it invokes every time I catch sight of it in the drawer, or run across it during a closet clean-out.

I’m resolving to clear them out. To take their photographs, one at a time, and to tell their stories. Then, to find them new homes where they can be used, loved and honored in the way they were meant. Otherwise, they deserve to find lasting peace in the trash bin instead of their nomadic existence moving around my home.

But this is more than cleaning out my house, though I’m certainly motivated by a desire for a cleaner home. It is about creating a life of memories, of stories, not one cluttered with things. My daughter deserves to know that her mommy loves her, not by the objects I give her, but by the memories I create with her.

And I deserve it, too.

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