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I’m so crazily excited over my newest weapon in my war on clutter – this time digital clutter – it is almost embarrassing. I love to take photos – they tell stories in such a rich way. One of the nastiest things about digital photography is how easy it is to amass hundreds of photos, dump them onto your hard drive, and never name them, or sort them.

Most folks will tell you how super-important metadata is when organizing your photos. I’ve been slogging along with the software that came with my camera. While great in some respects, tagging photos with metadata was horribly slow and tedious. My photos were left tagless. Poor photos.

No more. Enter Picasa. Yes, I know, I’m a noob.



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Snowflake Macro

Captured with a reverse macro, these snowflakes glitter like fairy wings.

Today, I attempted to take a bunch of photos for my Object Lessons. I had great muted natural light coming through the windows since it snowed all day today and decided to take advantage of it. It turns out, most of what I’ve collected for my object lessons are rather small trinkets best photographed up close, which is best accomplished with a macro lens.

Do you see the gorgeous (IMO) photo above?  I took it a year or two ago using a reverse macro lens. Otherwise known as the “poor man’s macro,” a reverse macro is when you take the lens off your SLR camera, flip it around (so the part that is typically attached to the camera is pointed at the subject) and you either hold it there, steady with your hand, or you attach it via some other method. This allows you to get very close to your subject get an interesting photo, and not pay for a macro lens.

Guess what you CAN’T do with a reverse macro? Read on…

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